Here are some quick answers to common dental care and oral hygiene questions which our Houston Dental Office gets a lot.


If you still have questions, please get in touch here!


What dental services do you provide?

We offer the very best dental cleanings, teeth whitenings, stain removing, teeth polishing, canker sore zapping, cosmetic dentistry – and general dental check ups.Take a look at our “services” page for our full dental care menu – and affordable packages too!


How often should I get my teeth cleaned in order to protect against Periodontal Disease?

We recommend dental cleanings once month as preventive dental care against periodontal disease, gingivitis, gum disease of all kinds, etc…All of these oral hygiene issues can dangerously lead to chronic health issues if not regularly taken care of.


What should I know about getting my teeth whitened?

Nowadays getting your teeth whitened is safer and easier than ever. Some folks will feel some sensitivity. But we offer gentle dental care, and so the dental pain should go away over the next 24 hours. After your teeth whitening, avoid foods or drinks which stain (red wine, coffee, tea, spaghetti sauce, chocolate, etc.).


Who does the teeth cleanings and teeth whitenings?

Our team of Houston’s best dental hygienists perform the teeth cleanings, whitenings and oral hygiene assessments.


Can I see a dentist?

Yes, we are proud to offer Houston’s top dentists at our office. They require an appointment. Please schedule online here.


How much do you charge for a dental appointment?

The Teeth Cleaning Guys was created to offer the most convenient and affordable teeth cleanings, whitenings and dental care in all of Houston, Texas. We recognize that the cost of dentist appointments can unfortunately become a huge barrier – stopping people from seeking dental care. We don’t want money to get in the way of your protecting yourself against periodontal disease, gingivitis and other health issues. So we mindfully provide all of our high quality dental care at very fair prices. Check out our prices on our services menu here.


If I do a walk-in dentist appointment, how long is the wait at your Houston office?

We understand you’re busy. So we do our best to get you in and out as fast as possible – so you can enjoy your day. Usually the entire walk-in dentist experience is under an hour.


Which dental services should I be sure to schedule an appointment for?

You can do a walk-in dental appointment at any time for a routine teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, teeth polishing, or any of our many treatments for gum disease, periodontal disease, gingivitis etc… In general, scheduled dentist appointments are only needed when you prefer to see one of our Houston dentists, instead of one of our top dental hygienists. See our full services page for more detail.


If I have a scheduled dentist appointment, should I get there early?

If it’s your first visit to our Houston Dental Clinic, try to arrive about 15 minutes early so that you will have time to fill out patient forms. After that, just arrive a few minutes early.


How do I make a dental appointment?

You can schedule online here at our Houston dental office. Or simply walk right in! We’ll be happy to find room for you in our schedule.


What if I need to cancel my dental appointment?

We understand life can get complicated – so feel free to cancel. Just please let our friendly dental assistants know at least 24 hours before so you don’t get charged a cancellation fee. Thanks!


Do you take my dental insurance?

While our Houston dental office does accept most dental insurances, we want everyone to be able to join the preventative dentistry movement! We make our packages affordable so all can afford quality dental care.


How much will my dental insurance cover?

The answer differs according to your particular insurance company – and according to which specific services you want to use. Contact us here and we’ll help you to figure it all out.


What if I don’t have dental insurance?

We’re happy to talk with you and figure out a good way to make things work. Contact us here to talk about your financing options.


Do you accept credit card, cash, or check?

We accept cash and credit cards. Sorry, our Houston dental practice does not accept checks.


If I have further questions, a complaint or a billing question who can I speak to?

We are very easy to reach – and always eager to discuss whatever is on your mind. Contact us here and let’s talk!